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There's a luxury designer item which us females all NEED. Ok, ok, ok we admit it, we don't need them as such, we just WANT them badly. The Gucci flat has been seen everywhere from PTA Mum's to the girl at the Coles Deli standing next to us with her red basket slung over her Country Road loose knit as she taps her designer foot in waiting.  A post shared by Gucci (@gucci) on May 9, 2017 at 5:46am PDT   These coveted iconic slides have our hearts besting with some serious fashion lust whilst the logical side of our brain...

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On Sunday the 21st January, women around the world united in solidarity to march for our rights, our voice and our independence. We marched for our right to be heard, to be respected but above all else, to show that women stick together in a powerful unity. Social media was ablaze with messages of empowerment, messages of hope and insightful wonderment as what this world could and will hold when women are equally accepted on a societal scale. Some of the most powerful women walked alongside their sisters during the marches in their respected cities worldwide. In this show of...

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You may be wondering why the red carpet at the Golden Globes was actually a sea of black? Well the reasoning behind why the red carpet was a sea of black was in support of women who stand up against the sexual misconduct in Hollywood. In recent months, there has been a lot of controversy around the depictions in the media and the accusations of many women towards the male treatment they were accustomed to whilst working in the film and media industry. Whilst there have been some heavy hitting male names in the industry who have been accused such as Harvey...

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If you haven't heard about Bitcoin you have most definitely been living under a rock for the past three months. In fact, Bitcoin has been around for so many years now, it seems that those of us not in the know, have certainly been missing out. Whilst the girls in the Eyes of Solotica office are still trying to figure out just how crypto currency works, it seems the rest of the world has caught on and some of the biggest names in the money business such as Lamborghini and Microsoft accept Bitcoin as a form of formidable payment. You...

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There's one Instagram account that is on everyones lips at the minute but it's not the type of hype they should be happy about but then again, these kids are the type who love the hype. The Luxury Kids has divided the office of Eyes of Solotica. It's like a polaroid gallery of reality tv. You find yourself almost an hour deep in scrolling through their obnoxiously lavish lifestyles on a regular basis and just when you thought you have seen it all, you see it all again. This is the type of Instaram account that will either make you...

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