Coloured Cosmetic Contact Lenses by Solotica Official

Solotica Official Coloured Cosmetic Contact Lenses are recognised worldwide as the safest cosmetic lens on the market. They are FDA approved, vegan friendly, not tested on animals and are available in an assortment of colours.

Collections available from Solotica include;
Hidrocor Colors - There is no visible limbal ring on these lenses making them a more striking statement.
Natural Colors - There is a noticeable limbal ring on the outer of these lenses making them a more natural looking transition.
Hidorocor Rio Collection - Hidrocor colours inspired by the vibrancy of Brazil - these are limited colours.
Hidrocor Gemstone Collection - These colours are the newest addition to Solotica. Inspired by the precious gems of the world, these colours are limited edition and full of deep,vibrant hues.


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