Our Story | Eyes of Solotica

As a passionate and successful beautician born in the Arab Emirates who understands and believes that beauty truly radiates from the eyes, I created Eyes of Solotica as your premium destination for all things beautiful based in Melbourne Australia.

Eyes of Solotica was born from the belief that our eyes being the windows to our soul, tell the story of our lives and therefore should be celebrated as our most alluring asset. Behind the eyes lies our inner most beauty and beauty in every form should be celebrated. 

Working from within the beauty industry, I learnt the makeup techniques and trade secrets to make the eyes stand out. However, I felt there was always a need and personal desire to emphasise the eyes from a new perspective. 

The beauty about Solotica Lenses is that they simply emphasise the natural beauty that the eyes behold. With a longevity and vibrancy of up to a year, these lenses are designed to add depth and life to your eyes. Whilst some of the colours and specific lens types can completely change the colour of your eyes, the overall characteristic of them is simply to enhance. 

I stand behind this product as I personally wear them and recommend them to my friends, family and clients with much praise and success. 

As a woman who strives to be at my most beautiful and to inspire beauty within other women, I find these lenses not only create an authentic and alluring natural look, they also offer the flexibility to completely change the eyes look for those occasions when you need that little extra something...



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