Solotica Gemstone Collection

Solotica Gemstone Collection is the latest yearly coloured lenses brought to you by Solotica official.

Featuring three new colours Hidrocor Aquamarine, Hidrocor Jade and Hidrocor Safria, each colour has a specific, precious beauty about it.

So what are the colours you ask?

Hidrocor Aquamarine:
Aquamarine is known for as "water of the sea" and is said to evoke a crystalline purity that encourages truth, exhilaration and  cleansing.

The colour for this Gem is a light blueish with small accents of cyan and green.

Hidrocor Jade:
Jade is known for it's purity, its connection to nourishment and harmony. It is renowned for its protection and loving heart energy.

The colour for this Gem is a beautiful, deeper green.

Hidrocor Safira:
Safira or Sapphire as it is also known as a symbol of wisdom and royalty and is associated with all things sacred. 

The colour for this Gem is a deep, vibrant blue.



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