How to Lighten Dark Eyes - Which Solotica Colours to choose

Solotica Official have been manufacturing coloured cosmetic contact lenses since 1949 making them undeniably the most established, natural-looking contact lens on the market.

Manufactured in Brazil, the print pattern on these lenses makes the coverage second to none, which is why they are the preferred lens to many celebrities and makeup artists.

FDA approved, vegan friendly and not tested on animals ensures that Solotica contact lenses are the safest and most accessible lenses on the market.

Do they lighten dark eyes?

Yes, that is how Solotica established theselves, An industry leader in the darker -eyed market, Solotica are the worlds number one preferred contact to lighten dark eyes.

How do they lighten my dark eyes?

Solotica are designed to react to the natural pigmentation of your eyes and change accordingly. Yes, they have a printed colour on the lens and will completely cover your natural eye colour as per the lens colour you choose but you also have to be aware that your natural eye colour will also effect how the colour turns out. 

Which colours are best for lightening my dark eyes?

Solotica have specifically designed pigmented colours that instantly brighten dark eyes.

Solotica colours Hidrocor Ocre is the companies globally recognised colour for achieving the lightest, most natural-looking change.

Solotica colours Hidrocor Quartzo is runner up in terms of brightening dark eyes. This colour however, is more of a striking change and much brighter than Ocre.

Solotica colours Hidrocor Mel, Hidrocor Grafite and Hidrocor Avela are close contenders for crowd favourites with many of our clients opting for Mel to achieve their green-eyes dreams.

You are best to spend some time researching these colours however and find women online with similar features who wear the colours you desire as they give a better indication of the final appearance. 

I have light eyes, can i wear Solotica?

Yes, absolutely you can. Solotica have designed colours specifically for our light-eyes beauties too.

Colours such as the new Rio and Gemstone Collection are aimed to brighten already light eyes. 

Solotica colours such as Hidrocor Topazio are favourites amongst our blue-eyed girls as they make blue eyes even more vibrant.

Solotica colours Hidrocor Ipanema and Hidrocor Aquamarine are also proving to be very popular amongst our lighter eyes clients.

Once again though, just research the colours to be sure.

Do they really last up to 12 months?

Yes, if you care for them correctly. Being a soft lens, you need to soak them for the recommended time prior to wearing them for the first time. This ensures they are off to an optimum start in terms of their comfortability and durability.



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