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There's one Instagram account that is on everyones lips at the minute but it's not the type of hype they should be happy about but then again, these kids are the type who love the hype. The Luxury Kids has divided the office of Eyes of Solotica. It's like a polaroid gallery of reality tv. You find yourself almost an hour deep in scrolling through their obnoxiously lavish lifestyles on a regular basis and just when you thought you have seen it all, you see it all again. This is the type of Instaram account that will either make you...

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With it being Valentines day, the girls in the Eyes of Solotica office have decided to celebrate in a different way. Valentines should be about loving everyone not just your man. It's a day to celebrate friendships, women, family and of course, love in the form of a handsome handbag. So in celebration of Valentines, we thought we would share with you the Instagram accounts that our girls Love and give you a little peak into who inspires some of our team. 1. thessy.k - This co-founder of Australian label Sabo Skirt has recently shared her health journey and openly...

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You may be wondering why the red carpet at the Golden Globes was actually a sea of black? Well the reasoning behind why the red carpet was a sea of black was in support of women who stand up against the sexual misconduct in Hollywood. In recent months, there has been a lot of controversy around the depictions in the media and the accusations of many women towards the male treatment they were accustomed to whilst working in the film and media industry. Whilst there have been some heavy hitting male names in the industry who have been accused such as Harvey...

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Her name indicates it all, Tabria Majors is well, major! If you haven't heard of her yet, Tabria Majors is the woman responsible for changing the way Victorias Secret underwear defines the perception of beauty. She notoriously recreated some of the more recent Victoria's Secrets shoots wearing the underwear in a way that she would hope could "revisit the conversation of how average-sized women are represented in the mainstream media". She may not be the first to recreate a series of iconic portrayals of fashion in the media, but she is certainly the one making the headlines. Her depiction of the lingerie...

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