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Solotica lenses are approved by the FDA of the United States of America Yes, you heard right. Solotica lenses are fully approved by the Food and Drug Authority of the USA - from Los Angeles in California to New York on the Eastcoast and from Chicago, Illinois to Dallas, Texas!   The following contact lens products from Solotica in Brazil are approved by FDA Solotica Hidrocor (FDA approved) Solotica Natural Colors (FDA approved) Solotica Hidrocharme (FDA approved) All 3 annual contact lenses are made of 38% water containing Polymacon which is giving them a usability period of up to 1 year...

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We at Eyes of Solotica are absolutely addicted to anything that accentuates the eyes. We are obsessed with makeup artistry that not only highlights the eyes, but makes them a complete, alluring statement. We are completely in love with Lilly Lashes here in the Eyes of Solotica office, in fact, nearly all of our women wear them which is why we have selected our favourite looks featuring Lilly Lashes... The Badura Twins looking hot AF in their Lilly Lashes and Solotica Lenses. A post shared by Lilly Lashes (@lillylashes) on Apr 16, 2017 at 8:12pm PDT   Rachel Leary breaking hearts with...

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Have you ever wondered what a "day in the life" of your favourite makeup artist looks like?  Well we certainly have which is why we are so happy one of our favourites @makeupbymichaelfinch did a youtube video giving us a little sneak peek into his life.

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When it comes to Solotica, there is an abundance of online comparisons between the colours which can make choosing a colour for yourself hard. Things you need to take into account when choosing Solotica coloured lenses are: 1. Your skin colour - the lenses will ALWAYS look different on YOU once you are wearing them, certain colours "pop" against certain skin tones. 2. The shape of your eye and it's natural limbal ring - if you are wanting a more "natural looking" lens than stick to the basics. If you have the outer limbal ring, the Natural range is best...

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When it comes to creating a defined statement eye, Solotica Hidrocharme coloured lenses are the makeup artist go-to. Featuring a defined outer limbal ring, these lenses are favoured by Huda Kattan and the Badura sisters for a reason. Popular amongst girls with almond shaped eyes and dark features these lenses create a defined beauty look perfect for creating a statement. Check out our range of Hidrocharme lenses online at Hidrocharme Ocre   Hidrocharme Mel

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