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For those of you out there just like some of us here in the office, glasses are just not a fashion accessory, more like a fashion hinderance.If you ask those of us who wear glasses, we would provably tell you that in school we wanted to wear them because all the "smart" kids had them, but if you ask us now...we've all been converted to Solotica Prescription Lenses. Gone are the days when we have to be blind as a bat, wasting our coffee money on monthly prescription lenses, thanks to Solotica we can buy one pair of yearly prescription...

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When it comes to Solotica, there is an abundance of online comparisons between the colours which can make choosing a colour for yourself hard. Things you need to take into account when choosing Solotica coloured lenses are: 1. Your skin colour - the lenses will ALWAYS look different on YOU once you are wearing them, certain colours "pop" against certain skin tones. 2. The shape of your eye and it's natural limbal ring - if you are wanting a more "natural looking" lens than stick to the basics. If you have the outer limbal ring, the Natural range is best...

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Have you been trying to lighten your dark eyes? Are you trying to find the best colour in the Solotica range for lightening dark brown eyes? Have you tried Solotica Colours in Ocre?Solotica Ocre is the number one selling colour worldwide in the Solotica range for lightening dark eyes. With pigmentation of yellow tones, this colour is a brightening agent for seriously dark eyes. Check out these Solotica Ocre looks below: Solotica Hidrocor Ocre Solotica Natural Ocre Shop this colour online now

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When it comes to the eyes, they certainly do say it all. We have women emailing us all the time asking how to style their Solotica Coloured Contact Lenses so we thought we should share with you a few of our favourite ways to style your coloured contacts. 1. @dmr319 creates a modern smokey eye with a defined winged eyeliner which adds depth and intrigue to the eyes. A hint of gold bronzing brings light back to the corners of the eye which makes them appear bigger and brighter. Solotica Natural Avela and Solotica Natural Ocre would be perfectly complimented...

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Ladies, there is a new lipstick on the lips of everyone you need to know and we are fortunate enough to get to play around with it each day in the Eyes of Solotica office. Lèvres by LFG is the brainchild of a Melbourne beauty. A makeup artist herself, the founder and creator of Lèvres prides herself on producing a luxurious product that she herself can use on her clients and a product that stands up to the testimonies you will see on social media. A luxurious, vegan friendly Velour Matte Lipstick, this brand is certainly giving the Kylie Lip...

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