Women March In Unity Worldwide to Fight The Fight of Equality.

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Women March In Unity Worldwide to Fight The Fight of Equality.

On Sunday the 21st January, women around the world united in solidarity to march for our rights, our voice and our independence. We marched for our right to be heard, to be respected but above all else, to show that women stick together in a powerful unity.

Social media was ablaze with messages of empowerment, messages of hope and insightful wonderment as what this world could and will hold when women are equally accepted on a societal scale.

Some of the most powerful women walked alongside their sisters during the marches in their respected cities worldwide. In this show of force, women united in strength to add a voice to the issue of womens rights and equality.

Below are some of our favourite women, chosen by the women here at Eyes of Solotica, who defined their solidarity and stance with their powerful and poignant messages:

Jesinta Franklin

"I am not defined by my 'side boob' or 'pert derrière' that is often used to describe pictures of me online," she captioned a quote-card post that read: "I am deliberate and afraid of nothing."

Lara Worthington

"This is a marathon, not a sprint"


Probably the most powerful speech of them all, this is raw, truthful and hurtful and for women around the world, we are sure that it evoked a sense of community and commitment to see this fight won.

As women, stand together and love one another. Empower each other and support the dreams and aspirations that you share. Do not belittle one another, spite each other nor speak negativity to one another. For women, this world is already a battle on it's own, not because we choose it to be but because we were born into this fight by the gender that was blessed upon us.

Love and support the women in your life and tell them each day that you love them. This isn't about feminism it's simply about the principles of respect and equality and every human on this planet is deserving of both of those.



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