This Plant Based Goddess - Vegan Wonder-Woman Sheridyn Fisher

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This Plant Based Goddess - Vegan Wonder-Woman Sheridyn Fisher

When it comes to plant-based guru's there's a new but not so new face to take note of. Sheridyn Fisher has just released snippets of her new vegan eBook cookbook which is available currently for pre-order.

If "This Plant Based Life" is anything like her Instagram, it's sure to be a beautifully collated visual journey through her kitchen and garden.

A hippie child at heart, Sheridyn Fisher is the epitome of an earth wonder-woman. A nomadic soul with intelligence to match her beauty, Sheridyn has changed paths from her Playboy pinup and lingerie modelling days to being a health, fitness and animal rights activist.  

Her Instagram is a beautifully insightful, organic look into her life, family and spiritual beliefs. She wholeheartedly pursues a higher level of consciousness whilst always remaining ethical to the environment, her purpose and intent and for that, we love her.



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