The Louboutin Red Sole...Your New Beauty Blender?!

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The Louboutin Red Sole...Your New Beauty Blender?!

The lines between fashion and beauty are becoming a little vague with thanks to one individual. There are some things that should remain sacred for the tasks that they are intended for. Like Louboutins are made for walking...not contouring.

Beauty blogger SadiaSlayy recently posted a video of herself on Instagram where she swapped her Beauty Blender for a plastic coated high heel. Using the sole of her heel, SadiyyaSlay was able to effectively blend her Too Faced Born This Way Foundation with a little help from Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape.


What's more surprising then swapping a $14.95 Beauty Blender for a $1400 designer heel is that, it actually worked!!

When this video first emerged, it gave some of the Eyes of Solotica girls a heart attack, we all cringed with discomfort watching a 6 inch killer stiletto being placed near an eye however, once you start watching you will actually come to realise, you can't stop.


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