Top 3 Valentines Day Makeup Looks

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Top 3 Valentines Day Makeup Looks

To all of us hopeless romantics out there, Valentines Day (also known as the most romantic day of the year) is only moments away.

This day of self-proclaimed love and romantic spontaneity means that we have spent a minimum of at least two days finding the perfect outfit which then means that we need to create a perfect make-up look that will be sure to knock his socks off.

This is where we come to the rescue, we have done some searching for you and here are our top 3 Valentines Day make-up looks...


Creates a luminous look which encapsulates the romanticism of Valentines Day. Her look is complete with the emphasis on her eyes. A deep red eye with a full set of lashes makes fluttering your eyes from across the table at him more alluring. Her beautiful tonal, layered eye look is soft femininity. She completes her look with a natural lip making sure the emphasis is always on her eyes. There is no man on this planet who doesn't love looking into a woman's eyes, her look is sure to steal hearts.

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Creates a soft and sultry make-up look. With a natural, illuminated base of contoured perfection, her look is complete with a heavy winged eyeliner. We find ourselves drawn to her statement eyes which are powerful yet sensual. She has kept her cheeks natural with only a hint of bronzing to add depth to her contoured look whilst her lips are complete with a matte finish of a rose pink. Ultimately she has created a look of pure Love sure to set his heart aflutter. 


Mitzi Ivonne

Creates a defined look of pure sex appeal. Her flawless make-up highlights her lips with a bold, confident shade of red. Her killer eye make-up creates a strong, defined look which only compliments the strength behind her lip shade. This look is all about the lips despite such a strong eye. Her lips brighten her smokey eyes, drawing your focus back to her lips and that's exactly where we want his focus to be by the nights end. Men love a confident, daring woman and this look would have him certainly intrigued.

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