The Feathered Brow Trend, Will it Stick?

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The Feathered Brow Trend, Will it Stick?

There's a new brow trend and it will either terrify you or you will embrace it with an open mind and a brow kit.

The feathered eyebrow has made a comeback bigger than 80's sitcom 90210 and whether you agree with this modern trend or you prefer your 80's manicured brow, there's one thing for certain, this trend is on everyone's lips.

But the funny thing about this trend is; it started as a joke.

The creator of the reincarnation of the feathered brow trend actually started the trend as a joke to her followers one night after her friend brushed her eyebrows and since her first post, the joke turned trend has currently been adopted as the new cult beauty following. 


This trend has left the women in the Eyes of Solotica office divided. We are not quite sure whether this trend is something we will be adopting amongst the office beauty rituals however, we are certain that there are many who will.

Rate it or hate it, this trend is here to stay...for the moment that is.


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