Sydney Fashion Babe: A N T O I N E T T E M A R I E

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Sydney Fashion Babe: A N T O I N E T T E M A R I E

If you were to take note and compile a list of digital babes who have made our social media feeds full of glamorous fashion and luxurious lifestyle, i can certainly bet that @sydneyfashionblogger, A N T O I N E T T E M A R I E would be on the top of your list.


 @sydneyfashionblogger brings herself to life through her Instagram account, showcasing her love of all things finer in life.


Antoinette freely expresses her love for simply feeling, love. Whether it's love for fashion, love for makeup, love for designer bags and shoes or in the spirit of the love for a good time, one thing is certain, we can't help but to love watching her life through our tiny Instagram glass windows.


This exotic babe is one beautiful woman. Whether she is running errands in Gucci, working out in her Yeezy's or simply grabbing coffee in her Balmain, Antoinette turns heads whichever way you look at her.

With a body as curvaceous and sexy as hers, it's no wonder her strongest accessory is her confidence. Often rocking outfits that border on the side of brave, Antoinette pulls them off with ease and sex appeal and this is why we love her.


Antoinette is true to her style. Often globetrotting around the world to the most enviable tropical destinations, her style never wavers far from her grounded roots in the international labels of the European fashion powerhouses.


We could go on all day about our love for @sydneyfashionblogger  but you get the point by now, right? Antoinette Marie is a must follow social influencer. She is unique in this world of people who are all searching for the one thing that makes themselves that way. She found what that one thing was a long time ago, being true to herself.

If you ask us, that's pretty damn sexy.



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