Summer Hangover No More

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Summer Hangover No More

There is nothing worse in life than a hangover on a Sunday Morning and with the weekend impending and Spring Carnival season in full swing, we may have found the cure!!
Yes, that's right a hangover cure.

Now when we say a hangover cure, it's more of a preventative measure as such.
Trending tea brand Your Tea has created a Hangover Tea that is full of the hydrating goodness one is meant to have when they are craving a bucket of hot chips from the local.
Ingredients such as Chamomile, Dandelion and Oolong Tea come together to create a blend that is both tasty and beneficial.

Now if you were to read the reviews online you would be able to read that this tea might actually work however, one of the girls in the Eyes of Solotica office uses this tea, not for the benefits associated with the hangover factor but because she finds that it helps with her headaches.

You know what they say when it comes to hangovers... prevention is better than a cure so less is more when it comes to the Champagne this season.


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