Solotica Prescription Lenses

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Solotica Prescription Lenses

For those of you out there just like some of us here in the office, glasses are just not a fashion accessory, more like a fashion hinderance.
If you ask those of us who wear glasses, we would provably tell you that in school we wanted to wear them because all the "smart" kids had them, but if you ask us now...we've all been converted to Solotica Prescription Lenses.

Gone are the days when we have to be blind as a bat, wasting our coffee money on monthly prescription lenses, thanks to Solotica we can buy one pair of yearly prescription lenses and look good whilst being able to perve on the cute barista because we actually have coffee money now thanks to Solotica.

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The prescription range is available exclusively on our website and on there you will find all of the information you need to know but to summarise for you;

Solotica prescription lenses will last up to 1 year.
-They are not available for astigmatism.
-You will have to consult an optometrist before purchasing with us.
-The lens measurements do not change between the cosmetic Solotica lenses and the Prescription, so if you have worn our cosmetic lenses, than the prescription will work for you.
- Most colours are available in the prescription range, except the Hidrocharme range.
- We have the quickest turnaround time and the best price for prescription lenses.
- Prescription lenses are only available to our Australian Clients and are not shipped overseas.

It's simple, click this link and head to our prescription page to start seeing the world in a new light and feel like a new person with the Solotica difference.

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