Shine Brighter with Coco Carbon x Solotica

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Shine Brighter with Coco Carbon x Solotica

With Summer just around the corner, we are all focusing on the being the "new you".
We have this fascination to improve ourselves that begins when the weather starts warms up and who can blames us really, it's a cut throat world out there.

When it comes to being the biggest and brightest you, the brighter is definitely the better.
We recently trialled a product int he Eyes of Solotica office and because we saw such great results from it, we started stocking it.

We along with thousands of people worldwide have discovered the benefits of Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening.

Carbon Coco is made from 100% certified organic coconut shell charcoal which not only brightens your smile, but also improves your overall mouth health.

Carbon Coco is a medical grade activated charcoal powder that removes toxins, stains and plague from your teeth through a process called adsorption.
The charcoal binds to these particles and flushes them out of your teeth and mouth creating a more refreshed oral health.
The product itself also consists of bentonite clay which is a natural ingredient that helps remineralise your teeth.
This polish will not damage your enamel or gums.

We are proud to be stocking this all natural product alongside our Solotica coloured contact lenses as we believe that together, these products create a bigger and brighter you.
Bring on Summer.

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