Open Up Your Eyes With Lilly Lashes

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Open Up Your Eyes With Lilly Lashes

We at Eyes of Solotica are absolutely addicted to anything that accentuates the eyes. We are obsessed with makeup artistry that not only highlights the eyes, but makes them a complete, alluring statement.

We are completely in love with Lilly Lashes here in the Eyes of Solotica office, in fact, nearly all of our women wear them which is why we have selected our favourite looks featuring Lilly Lashes...

The Badura Twins looking hot AF in their Lilly Lashes and Solotica Lenses.

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Rachel Leary breaking hearts with her blue eyes and stunning lashes.

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Ling.kt looking outrageously fun and sexy with her bold eye makeup

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The truth is ladies, you simply cannot have stunning eyes with Solotica coloured contact lenses. Most of the women you see wearing Solotica contacts will also own a pair of Lilly Lashes, the two are just made for one another.

So check out for all of your cosmetic and prescription needs and whilst you're there, keep your eyes peeled for some new and exciting things coming...


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