Monday Motivation: Hannah Bronfman

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Monday Motivation: Hannah Bronfman

When it comes to fashion, fitness and finesse one lady has it all, Hannah Bronfman.

Hannah Bronfman lives a life that we all wish, in some small way that we lived too. She is a fashionable dj, she lives in New York, she attends and dj's the coolest fashion shows and she has most recently married one of the most handsome and also fashionable men, Brendan Falis.


But of all the things Hannah is, what she does and what she has, the most admirable things about her is her work ethic.

Through her tenacious personality and paramount ambition, at the tender age of just 29 Hannah is an entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of the beauty app which allows you to find last minute beauty appointments "Beautified" and she is a key investor in multiple restaurants which include Hotel Griffou and Acme.


Hannah Bronfman is one of those admirable women that quite frankly, has her shit together. As an ambassador and face of Adidas, Hannah is not only the picture of balanced health but she is a picture of a healthy woman. 

Her body is toned, it is curvaceous and it is strong but it is Hannah's mind and intelligence that far outweighs anything else.

The girls in the Eyes of Solotica office have quite the crush on Ms Bronfman but it's hardly surprising why when you take everything into account. She is a Monday motivator and a weekly reminder that yes, women can do it all.


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