May Motivator; Jen "The Booty Builder" Selter

May Motivator; Jen "The Booty Builder" Selter

Well, it is a Monday and it is the first day of a new month which can only mean one thing, new goals.

We have been scraping at the bottom of a Krispy Kreme box trying to find the motivation to get our asses into the gym as we head into the cuddly season.

So after hours of sourcing websites for recipes and days spent admiring women on Instagram who are about as toned as a block of concrete, the Eyes of Solotica office has divided and now conquered our new month, new us regime with thanks to inspiration from the beautiful Jen Selter.

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Jen is one talented personal trainer. Not only does this beauty have a cult following of over 1 million Insta fans, she has hundred of thousands signed up to her online fitness programs.

Jen's main calling card as a personal trainer, to build the butt. She is known as the woman who can shape and build you a new, perkier butt. She's built a fitness app which offers a "booty challenge" to further her claims as the Queen B of butts.

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So ladies, if you are in the market this Winter for a new, perkier you than Jen Selter is certainly the woman whois going to help you build it. So go and follow her Insta and check out her online Fitness Programs via

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