Jeffree Star Believes In Unicorns, Do You?

Jeffree Star Believes In Unicorns, Do You?

You will all know an love beauty influencer Jeffree Star however, it would seem that Mr Star has declared war on one of our beauty favourites, Too Faced Cosmetics.

It would appear that beauty influencer Jeffree Star has waged a war on too faced cosmetics over...Unicorns.

Yes you heard right, Unicorns or more specifically, Too Faced Unicorn Tears Lipstick is the at the forefront of this beauty rift.

Jeffree went on a Snapchat rant where he concluded; "I'm just saying y'all, I'm so disappointed as a fan of makeup and I'm just done supporting people who are gonna treat people like that," Jeffree continued. "I don't care who did unicorn what, when, where. I have a unicorn blood lipstick, should I start suing? Girl, spare me, it's makeup."

It would seem that all is not fair in love and lipstick..

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