Accelerated Woman; Lara Worthington and Why We Love Her.

Accelerated Woman; Lara Worthington and Why We Love Her.

Our Eyes of Solotica girl crush on Lara Worthington extends far beyond her beautiful wardrobe, her handsome husband, gorgeous family and enviable lifestyle, we simply adore her because she is "real".


A few years have passed since Lara has been immersed as the centre of media scrutiny for living her early 20s in the medias headlights. Criticised for simply just, growing up, Lara's attempts to navigate through the media barrage of social commentary only fuelled a fire that was already accelerating.

Fast forward to today and there are barely whispers spoken of Lara Worthington. No longer the centre of the medias negative attentions, Lara has shape-shifted and is now a glorified and celebrated woman.


In her recent interview for the Australian Elle magazine, Lara has opened up about her life in a raw and humbling way. She has wholeheartedly spoken about her love for Sam and the moment when her life made a noticeable change;

"Meeting Sam is when things really changed for me. Until then, I never really trusted anyone entirely. When I was younger, I think maybe I'd try to impress a person by adapting to their ways, but with Sam, from the get-go, I was just myself."

In a world where the media has a way of shadowing the genuine, it's so refreshing that there are still people out there like Lara who live authentically, even if that means she pisses some people off.

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