Girl Boss - Anna Petrosian

Girl Boss - Anna Petrosian

When it comes to an enviable "girl boss" Anna Petrosian takes the tripled layered beauty cake. She single handily created the ethical make-up brand Dose of Colors. Her franchise, along with her trendy, enviable lifestyle is building quicker than a fashionable minute. Upon a friendly stalk of her Instagram account @annapetrosian_, you will see why we just absolutely adore her...


A mother, a wife, a powerful business woman and a beauty creative, Anna Petrosian is living a life many of us would envy. From her impeccable balayage bob, to her flawless highlighted makeup, she is a business powerhouse amongst the beauty and designer threads. 

Through her passion for all this beautiful and beauty related in life, Anna has pushed the beauty boundaries with her ethical and on-trend beauty buys. Anna has selectively chosen the hottest makeup trends and turned them into a cruelty-free empire.

With the richest colour palates for your eyes, lips and cheeks, Dose of Colors has rapidly grown into a beauty essential for the hottest Youtuber's, Instagrammer's and social media starlets to date. With one of the most velvety highlighting palates on the market, "Gold is the new Black" continues to sell like crazy worldwide, with Anna herself often hash-tagging it as one of her daily beauty rituals.


Notably though, the one reoccurring theme that os present through Anna's Instagram is, Love. Whether it is the love for her family, the love for her business, her beauty products or designer namesakes, one thing is evident when it comes to this powerhouse, "do it with love or not at all"






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