Eyes of Solotica - Why We are Your Premium Solotica Destination

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Eyes of Solotica - Why We are Your Premium Solotica Destination

When you look towards a business for a product you often ask yourself, "why this company, what is it they can offer me"? You have this initial expectation that is almost a hesitation in shopping online with someone you have never bought from before, and that is completely normal and something we are all guilty of.

So, why Eyes of Soloticawhy should you shop with Eyes of Solotica?!

Well that's quite simple really, because we are the best. We are a small team of multicultural women, a dynamic mix of beauty queens, makeup slaves and tomboys. We are fearless, authentic and genuine. We are creative, spontaneous and fun and often sometimes...we all like to think we are the next Nicki Minaj.

Where i'm heading with this is, we are genuine. Our Solotica Coloured Contact Lenses are genuine, our customer service is honest and efficient and we are based in Melbourne, Australia which means that we offer a tailored service from the point of ordering to the delivery date of your product.

We are an online based store but i can guarantee you that, we are 100% contactable and someone is always available to speak to whether it's from getting your contacts out of their vials, to which celebrities you've seen in Solotica lenses and want to emulate.

Unlike our competitors, we don't make buying hard, we don't make you talk to a computer, we don't even make you wait long for your orders. We offer an expedited service that goes above and beyond.
We offer our Australian customers services such as Zip and Afterpay so you can always have beauty delivered to your door no matter what day pay day may be!

We are a team of women who understand women. We know what you want and how quickly you want it. And whilst we may never understand how to date men or even dissect their "bro codes", we will always without any prejudice, guide our male clientele and assist with their questions... beauty is after all, universal.

Now i could rant all day why Eyes of Solotica is your premium destination for Solotica Coloured Contact Lenses and why we are the supreme team when it comes to our customer service but i'll let our Google Reviews talk for themselves.

Go on...read what our beautiful new and existing loyal customers say about us and then ask yourself, "where has Eyes of Solotica been all my life?!"

Head to our website www.eyesofsolotica.com

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