Enhance Your Eyes With More Than Solotica - The New Eyelash Serum

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Enhance Your Eyes With More Than Solotica - The New Eyelash Serum

Theres one beauty expense that us women seem to spare no expense at. It's the one asset we believe holds the key to our beauty and so we spend our spare change on countless beauty products to illuminate our eyes and make them appear more luscious.

Luckily for you, we have found two of the ultimate products for illuminating your eyes and creating luscious, lengthy lashes which are perfect for making your Solotica coloured contacts "pop".

Lash Food Natural Eyelash Enhancer


At around $105 this Natural lash serum has been designed by a group of cosmetic scientists using natural elements such as rice and soy protein to trigger the growth of your lashes. In just 4 weeks, you will notice visibly stronger, more conditioned and smoother lashes.

NeuLASH by Skin Research Laboratories Lash Enhancing Serum



At $133 this Eyelash Serum is quite the investment but don't let the price deter you, this serum is an absolute miracle worker. This serum does more than just lengthen your lashes, it nourishes them also. With a unique blend of pumpkin seed extracts and amino acids, this serum will keep your lashes thick and flexible. This miracle worker is to be applied every night until your desired result is achieved. This serum literally gives meaning to the term "beauty sleep".

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