Eating Well in 2018 - Two Vloggers You Must Follow

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Eating Well in 2018 - Two Vloggers You Must Follow

This year we are all about taking better care of our bodies. With a hectic 2017 under our belt, we are looking into 2018 with a deeper desire to nourish our bodies.

If you are like half the girls in the Eyes of Solotica office, you too struggle with the idea of meal prep and what to make that's healthy, quick and easy.

Well, we are going to share with you two of the Vloggers we follow who specialise in teaching us healthy habits and how to meal prep like a pro.

1. Madeline Shaw


Madeline is a new mum who specialises in sharing her journey post baby. She is a yummy mummy who idealises the ideals of raw, healthy eating. She shares her food and lifestyle tips mostly but will also delve into her skin care and beauty routines.
Madeline is definitely a woman to follow if you are seeking new ideas for recipes, meditation guidance and lifestyle balance. 

2. Healthy Grocery Girl

Newly pregnant, Megan Roosevelt a registered dietician and nutritionist shares how she tackles staying healthy whilst currently craving everything in sight. Her eating approach is Vegan, Gluten Free and Raw. Regardless of if you are pregnant or not, Megan is definitely worth following as she teaches you how to manage your appetite and fill up on the most beneficial foods possible.

Both of these women give great guidance and useful tips when it comes to eating well and balancing life. If you are looking to make a few lifestyle changes in 2018 or simply just learn more about food, follow these babes.

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