Dreaming of Malibu Thanks to Miley...

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Dreaming of Malibu Thanks to Miley...

If there is a new "Comeback Kid" on the block, it's Miley Cyrus

Can we please just take a minute to appreciate just how incredible she looked during her performance at the Billboard Music Awards?!

Showing off her incredible toned and tanned body, Miley brought a small tear to every gilrs eyes when she gave her emotional performance about her reignited relationship with heartthrob, Liam Hemsworth.

This performance had the Eyes of Solotica office seriously swooning.

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Looking the best we've seen her in years, Miley is testament to the beauty that lies in being happy. A woman who has been scorned both publicly and privately in the past, Miley has flourished into a beautiful, grounded woman and her performance on the weekend is an encouraging rebirth to the beauty that comes from within when a woman is truly content.

Malibu is an emotional tribute to her relationship with Hemsworth and although we may never know the true extent of just what Malibu means to her, the beauty lies in imagining the fairytale behind their story. It could be love, happiness or just a new found meaning to self but Miley best sums up her new life in the opening of her new single...

"Now i'm as free as birds catching the wind"

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