Cut Grease Beauty - The Technique We Should All Be Doing

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Cut Grease Beauty - The Technique We Should All Be Doing

There's a beauty technique that has been making the rounds on Youtube and the the term "Cut Grease" has been flying around social media so we thought we should investigate as to what "cut grease" actually is?!

What is Cut Grease you might ask? Well it is the technique of using different coloured eye makeup to cut across the eyelid to form a sharp contrast in colours. This particular sharp cut is not blended, leaving it to form a clear crease on the eyelid.

Many makeup enthusiasts online use neutral toned colours to make their eyes appear more open - this means all you need is a pair of Solotica coloured contact lenses to really make your eyes "pop".

So how do you achieve this "Cut Grease" look and can anyone do it, sure thing.

We've soured some of our favourite pro's who've created their Cut Grease look, take a little peak...




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 3. @houseofsienna


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