Creating a Movement; Adidas.

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Creating a Movement; Adidas.

When athleticism combines with some of the top models and recognisable industry leaders in the world, the result is a new and inspired campaign by Adidas #HereToCreate.

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A movement designed to create a consciousness around not only the physical way in which we use our bodies, but the creative way in which we are trying to leave our mark on the world.

This campaign is designed to inspire creativity, to inspire us to creatively make a difference in society. Adidas is branding their empire to be more than just a collective hub of sports orientated merchandise, they are redirecting how physically moving our bodies, opens our creative outlets.

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We at Eyes of Solotica are loving this campaign and how relatable it is to all of our lives. We all share a passion for fitness and creativity which is why we think this is a movement to keep an eye on.


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