Christmas Got You Strapped? No Worries, We Offer Afterpay.

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Christmas Got You Strapped? No Worries, We Offer Afterpay.

Christmas is that time of the year when you have every intention of shopping for others but you leave the chaos of the shopping centres with gifts for yourself. It's hardly surprising that online shopping is even more problematic because you can drink wine and then shop ((this is not a combination we advise as money just miraculously disappears from "savings").

So let us here at Eyes of Solotica make it a little easier for you with thanks to Afterpay.
What is Afterpay you might ask? Well basically it's a Christmas miracle.

Afterpay is like a layby service only, you purchase the goods on the day, they ship straight away and you pay them off as you are actually using them, shocking right?!
Hardly, it's revolutionary and we love Afterpay which is why we offer it.

Strapped for cash this Christmas but still want to try Solotica Cosmetic or Solotica prescription lenses? Not worries, follow this link and find out more about Afterpay.

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