Carbon Coco x Eyes of Solotica = Christmas Gift Idea Heaven

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Carbon Coco x Eyes of Solotica = Christmas Gift Idea Heaven

If you love your Pearly Whites bright as much us we at Eyes of Solotica do, than there's a new Teeth Whitening product on the market and it's about to change your teeth whitening game.

Carbon Coco is an Australian brand that has an holistic approach to keeping our smiles bright. The premise of the brand is to offer us an alternative oral care that is completely void of any chemicals and additives that are found in your traditional brands.


The active ingredient in Carbon Coco is activated charcoal. Yes, you heard us, Charcoal!

Put simply, activated charcoal has whitening and detoxing agents. Not only does it keep your teeth bright, it freshens your breath by detoxing your mouth.


Keep an eye out for this product on our website and shop our unique Carbon Coco x Solotica gift packs, perfect for Christmas Gifts!! 

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