All I See Is Gucci Gucci Gucci; Can You Spot a Fake?!

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All I See Is Gucci Gucci Gucci; Can You Spot a Fake?!

There's a luxury designer item which us females all NEED. Ok, ok, ok we admit it, we don't need them as such, we just WANT them badly.

The Gucci flat has been seen everywhere from PTA Mum's to the girl at the Coles Deli standing next to us with her red basket slung over her Country Road loose knit as she taps her designer foot in waiting. 

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These coveted iconic slides have our hearts besting with some serious fashion lust whilst the logical side of our brain is trying to rationalise how we can afford to eat for the month and still, treat ourselves?!

It seems the Gucci slide is quite the addictive loafer, with die hard Gucci fans often sporting a pair in every colour and at around $700 a pair, it's quite the expensive fetish. But let's not forget the limit editions, those babies will set you back a cool $1200, but hey Carrie Bradshaw once said "Sometimes i would buy Vogue instead of dinner, i felt it fed me more"

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But if there is one thing you will NEED to know, it's how to spot the real deal as appose to imposters. An easy way to tell a real Gucci is quite simple really, its as easy as...

1.They will read 'made in Italy' under the Gucci logo.

2.There will be a numeric engraving under the gold hardware. You can lift the hardware slightly to peak underneath.

3. The left arm of the U in Gucci will be thicker than the right.

Viola!! There you have it, everything you need to know about these designer dreamboats. Now, go forth and max that credit card and eat two-minute noodles for a month because girl, those Gucci's are worth more fashion points than a food photo on Instagram #guccigroupie


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