A Golden Winter. Tanning in The Shower, Yes Please!!

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A Golden Winter. Tanning in The Shower, Yes Please!!

A revolution has happened in the self tanning market, no longer do us females have to stand naked before a fan after we tan or hold a hair dryer to our lady-bits prior to dressing, St Tropez have saved our D.I.Y tanning lives.

The St Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion is a beauty godsend but how does it work you may ask, well that's easy.

The tan is activated by water. So basically if you want to stay brown this winter all you need to do is, have a shower prior to applying the lotion and exfoliate.  Whist in the shower, turn the shower off and apply the tan. You do not need to apply layer after layer (i found it made no difference how many layers you applied, however 3 good layers was optimal for me). The tan uses Almond Oil to seal the colour once applied to your skin. Wait 3 mins after applying and...viola.

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The greatest peace of mind this product offered was going to bed without that standard sticky tan feeling and what's even better, the boyfriend didn't complain about tanned bed sheets. Double win!!

Our entire Eyes of Solotica office is onto this product, we have all in some way been able to attest to the genius that is, shower tanning. It gives you an all-natural, complete coverage, even tan. We are hooked, all you have to decide is, what shade of Golden you'd like to be!


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